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SummaryA set of three variations of retaining clips designed to fit 5mm thick foamboard in model-making, by holding sections in position after applying glue (PVA) and waiting for it to set. They can also be used to hold the sections together without glue in order to check that everything is right in the model. The clips are very small and the walls are just 1mm thick and each is 10mm high. The retaining part in each that holds the foamboard is 15mm long. A combination of all three clips should cover all junctions in a model. UPDATE: I have added a spacer clip which is an open ended clip to fit along the length of two foamboard sheets. It is not strictly a corner junction, but is designed to hold long sheets together at any position along its length thus enabling fixing without gluing. Ideally it is suitable for open box constructions for exhibitions. It creates a gap of 1mm but this is barely noticeable. UPDATE: I have now added a small version of the centre spacer which becomes part of the three variation clips. It is possible to build a box from foamboard with a corner clip and a spacer_small clip, without any glue. There will be a space of 1mm being the wall thickness of the clips, but the box construction still works.

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