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SummaryAlthough the original version by HiPaul is great, I've tried to simplify it further. I've made just two stands - one left and one right - with deep channels. Also as I use foamboard for other projects, I have incorporated features that allow the stands to slide onto 5mm thick foamboard. Of course it can be used on anything that's 5mm thick. I use foam sheet as the background which is soft enough to slide in without any tension. UPDATE: I have created a further centre support - with integral foamboard clip - that can be positioned anywhere between the two end stops, to give added support when a large background sheet is used. This centre support uses the same radius as the back radius on the end stops, so they are all in alignment with each other.Print SettingsRafts: Doesn't MatterSupports: NoResolution: normal settingInfill: 20%

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