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SummaryEver had someone question your ability to differentiate between Dothraki and Klingon? Ever have someone assume you need help configuring your wifi settings? Ever had a kid try to explain to you the concept of a sonic screwdriver? Well I have, and there is nothing worse than having your Nerd credentials questioned. That is why I invented Nerd Card. Nothing says, I'm a Nerd, like pulling out a 3D printed Nerd Card. Nerd Card is the size of a credit card and slides easily into a purse or wallet. It doesn't matter what type of Nerd you are, there is a Nerd Card for you. Go for the Original Nerd Card, 8-bit Nerd Card or the Sci-Fi Nerd Card. The only way you can go wrong is by not carrying one. The 3 Nerd Card designs comes in a plastic saving Cut Out version perfect for stenciling a bulkhead, blaster or computer case. The Nerd Card also comes in an engraved version designed for 2 color prints. Print a Nerd Card in your Pyramid or Quidditch team colors. Be proud of who you are. Show the world that you are a Nerd! I'm publishing the Nerd Card designs to celebrate the first anniversary of my blog,, and Twitter account, @DesignMakeTeach. I'm also giving away a physical copy of the Nerd Card to a lucky reader Nerd Card is 0.8mm in height. Recommend printing at a 0.2mm layer height. Swap filament after 0.4mm (end of layer 2) for a 2 color print.

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