5mm Aegis Clip for Athena Makeover Kit

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SummaryExtends the tab on the Aegis clip from 2mm to 5mm. Provides compatibility with a wider selection of arms of Barbie style dolls. The Athena Makeover Kit is designed for the Fashionista type dolls that have movable hands. The default 2mm clip does not work as well for the fixed flared hand position of other models which tend to pop the shield off. This extended clip allowed the shield to fit securely. The 5mm clip also fits the male Barbie style dolls with larger forearm dimensions. The issue with the clip may be more of a problem for printers that do not make a clean transition from the tab to the circular band. My tab was slightly wider at the base than the top. The 5mm tab compensates for this issue allowing the tab to attach deeper and more securely in the shield. I sponsored the Faire Play: Barbie-Compatible 3D Printed Medieval Armor at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/191197566/faire-play-barbie-compatible-3d-printed-medieval-a

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