Titanfall Titan - Atlas Model V2 - scalable and poseable

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SummaryUpdate 4/9/2014: I've updated all of the joints to make assembly easier. You'll understand once you start to assemble this model. The new joints have "grooves" that allow you to slide the joint on, then turn to lock into the ball joint. I was super excited when this idea came to me. I've tested the new joints and they work awesome. http://youtu.be/WJXJiYCuqIs The new joints are incorporated into the files marked v2. This guy is epic... He's big, poseable, and ready for war.... Be careful with the joints. They may need a bit of sanding. If you are going to make this guy out of PLA make sure to sand the joints well because they will crack when your putting them together. I toned down the gun a little. It was kinda huge. I added indentions to the balls of the joints to help during assembly. Take your time. Love to hear your comments and suggestions. Thanks. TDInstructionsJoints are now updated for easier assembly. Simply align the slots with the corners of the socket and the ball will slide in easier. Once the ball is in the socket, turn it to lock it into place. The joints are still tight and may need some sanding for a good fit.

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