Truncated Rhombic Dodecahedron Puzzle


SummaryThis is a split 1x2x3, which has been modified into the shape of a Truncated Rhombic Dodecahedron. The base puzzle for this is, just as the name implies, essentially a 1x2x3 that has been "split" along the top and bottom layers in such a way that those layers are now capable of being turned after 90 degree turns, instead of the usual 180. Because of this unique trait, the puzzle takes on the solving difficulty of a 2x2x3 that has been bandaged along the middle layer. Print SettingsPrinter Brand: PrintrbotPrinter: Simple BlackRafts: NoSupports: NoInfill: 25Notes: Scale up file x20, use separate pieces tool in Meshmixer or Cura.

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