XYZ Da Vinci 1.0 Y axis bearing holder

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SummaryI believe my bearing holder was damaged in shipping, but it recently broke completely. Without this in place the Y axis tension on the drive shaft allows the belt to slip. These are the brackets near the rear of the printer and do not need the spring alignment so I left them off. I will update with images, and printer settings once I get a successful print and fit. Update #1 (I have not test fit this yet, and expect to complete that tonight) V2 Re-sized the bearing dims to account for offset. Thickened the bearing wall to make it stronger. Added a model without the pins (makes it easier to print) The pins are not a necessity. Update #2 V3 Re-sized the screw hole diameters. InstructionsThis stl is in mm and should be ~28 mm at it's widest point. Rostock Max 1.0 ColorFabb's BronzeFill @ .1mm Z @ 235C E3D v6 Hotend @ Extremely slow 30mm/s on the external perimeter @ 100% fill @ Supports (only needed if you want the pins) Wow! That was a pain to install. 45 minutes later the part is in and the printer is running again. Pre-tap the screw holes with the existing screws. I would suggest printing with the pins and, if you get frustrated getting it lined up with the holes clip one pin off. Insert the remaining pin and rotate the part into position then screw it in. In the end I should not have designed the part after the original. There is much more force on this part than I had originally thought. If it breaks again I will make a much more robust part. Until then... keeping fingers crossed that this holds up. Also I would not recommend using the BronzeFill for this project. Use ABS, or PLA that is a little more flexible.

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