Camera repackage and mount for Creative Live Cam Sync and Solido

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SummaryBought this camera to do time-lapse and monitor my Solidoodle 3 while using OctoPrint/OctoPi: Creative Live! Cam Sync HD 720P Webcam Wanted a smaller package and a low profile mount so I came up with this. Let me know how this works, I considered putting a case around the whole thing but like the skeleton look.Instructions Start printing out both parts. While that's happening, gently disassemble your camera, save all 4 screws. 3a. When the camera board holder is done printing, you can use the screws that come with the camera to assemble. The two smaller screws are for affixing the circuit board to the rectangular board holder. 3b. There is a cut out which allows for the rubber microphone holder to slip in and under the board to retain the microphone, or you can let it dangle or just desolder/clip. Once the camera is mounted to the board, you can attach the mount to the board, one of the two larger screws is for connecting the Solidoodle mount to the camrea board holder. Connect the USB cable to the OctoPi computer or whatever you're using. Enjoy!

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