Dial Indicator Mount for Shapeoko 2 Rotary Tool Holder

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SummaryJust a Dial Indicator Mount I made for the Shapeoko 2 Rotary Tool Holder. Sized for a AccuRemote Digital Indicator: http://amzn.to/1qJbTZM Based this off of lordmundi's Pen Holder, however the .SKP file included in his thing was a bit of a mess (looked like a STL converted to SKP). So I created this .SKP from scratch. Washed my .STL through the Netfabb cloud service for good measure.InstructionsPrinted in ABS, .2mm layer height, .25% infill, 4 perimeters, solid infill every 15 layers (I just like this), and a 5mm brim just for safety. Holes are sized for M5 and M3 screws.

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