BoogieBoard Enlarged Pen Holder

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SummaryI needed something to keep the custom "pen" I made for my daughter's BoogieBoard. The stock pen is much to long and pokey for a 2 year old, so I took a .5" dowel and cut it down, rounded the edges and made a blunt point. It worked great, but keeping it with the tablet proved to be a challenge. I may later add some sort of string to the end, but I'm not a fan of strings and toddlers so it probably won't happen.InstructionsSolidoodle 3 w/ E3D v5 hotend on glass. I used a 5mm brim w/ SainSmart ABS. Printed at .2mm layer height because that's what I do. Sketchup source included, feel free to make it better and let me know!

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