3 turn helix antenna 1.28 GHz for FPV

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SummarySo this is my version of a 3 turn helix antenna for my FPV setup. As coil I'm using 2mm stainless steel welding rods. And the reflector i got from a stove burner cover. :-P it's only 0.2mm so i made a reinforcement as you can see in the files. Edit: This is a RHCP holder. If you need a LHCP you just have to mirror it. Edit2: The stainless steel rod where to hard to solder so I took some galvanized steel wire 2mm instead. Edit3: added some tools to make it easier to roll the helix. they are for a LHCP so if you need a RHCP just mirror it ;-)How I Designed ThisI modeled the helix coil from the data i got in the calculator found here http://jcoppens.com/ant/helix/calc.en.php and used that model to cut out holes in the holder to get a perfect match for the wire. This was made in fusion 360

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