Gordian Knot Puzzle

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Here’s an extremely fun interlocking puzzle; a true classic and one of my favorites. It's an easy print, then hours of delightful brain teasing fun. The puzzle is difficult, but by no means impossible as the name Gordian Knot implies. Your goal is to assemble this puzzle and take it apart as fast as possible, Rubic’s cube style. Our record is 20 seconds to take it apart. Can you beat that?

All puzzle pieces are engraved with color identifiers for easy printing in any color. Pieces are provided as separate models for printing in the classic colors of blue, red, green, orange, purple, and yellow, and as a combined model for printing in any color.

Here’s the step-by-step virtual reality solution on sketchfab, so it super easy to learn the solution and impress your friends with your amazing puzzle solving prowess! Created from scratch in Blender for 3d printing; inspired by the classic puzzle.

Print at 0.2 mm layer, 20% in fill.

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