Wither and Spiders

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Summary Made these for my buddy's kids. I know almost nothing about Minecraft, but, fortunately, advacardo (https://tinkercad.com/users/lbvLxrZaE3E-advacardo) from tinkercad does. I used their models and modified them for printing. I think they came out okay and, more importantly, my buddy's kids were way stoked about them. I'm going to make more and put together a game for them as holidays and birthdays roll in. I hope they're into Minecraft for a long time because it's cool and there's so much material to draw from to make more presents! Big thanks to the folks who work so hard on the Minecraft world. Instructions I used MakerWare's medium setting to generate the x3g. I think it's 2 shells with a .2 layer height, but I'm not sure. I used model glue and paints to stick the Wither together and doll them up a little. Easy build and paint.

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