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Summary A tripod mount for OnePlus One, designed to be springy and snap in and out with ease. This printed great on two of my printers and PLA seems to have the right elasticity at this thickness to snap in and out and also keep the phone from slipping, but from what I've seen printer accuracy varies wildly so you might might need to do a bit of tuning to get a perfect fit on your printer and filament combination. Be careful not to make it too tight to scratch the phone, the OnePlus back in particular seems quite delicate. Additional parts: it's designed to take a T-Slot 1/4-20 nut (I used one from 8020), but any 1/8" thick nut should work. Print Settings Rafts: Doesn't MatterSupports: Doesn't Matter Notes: I printed mine out of PLA which seems to have the right elasticity to make this snap and not slip. The finer the resolution the better, but not critical here (what is important is to not get sharp edges to scratch the phone back coating).

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