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This is an adapter for lathe 0XA Quick Change Toolpost: mount various tools and objects, for example a Dremel tool to make vertical or diagonal slots and holes, otherwise not possible on a lathe.

A few variations are provided:

  • Horizontal 1/4-20 - for a Micrometer for example
  • A screw-in Dremel support
  • Vertical 1/4-20
  • Generic base

You can create more adapters by boolean joining the generic plate included (Lathe_0XA.stl) with your custom object mount, if you have the two STLs you can do this easily in 3D Builder.

Note: this is designed for 250-000 tool-post (0XA) which is common in 7x10 mini-lathe (Harborfreight, LittleMachineShop, etc)

WARNING: 3D printed parts are obviously prone to failure in such an environment, especially because of mechanical stress. Do not use such adapters without proper protection when the late is spinning

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