Summary Having built the POCKET WOOD LATHE and the tools from sewing machine needles I needed something to sharpen them on hence this tool was conceived. So this is the second tool in my pocket series, it is based on my POCKET WOOD LATHE http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1092972 Centered on using the the same head-stock as in the wood lathe, the rest of the tools will be based around the same style. The bearing on the head-stock can be fitted to the lathe, as I found the shaft has a tendency to float back and forth, so this fixes that problem. The mandrel for the grinding wheel is a standard Dremel mandrel that I cut the 3mm end off and drilled it to suit my motor. Stay tuned for more pocket tools for modelling. PARTS LIST HEAD-STOCK x1 SADDLE x 1 TOOL-REST 1 stand x 1 bearing to suit motor shaft OD is 10mm ( my motor had 1/8") 4mm cap screws x 1 3mm cap screws x 10 8mm rod 2 pieces of ABOUT 100MM motor to suit mine is from an old battery drill

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