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Summary This is the first of many models that I will be releasing here on Thingiverse that I have designed for 00 scale ( 4mm to the foot, 1:76.2) model railways. Can be also used for HO scale, the majority is British themed but could be used elsewhere. This first one is an undershot waterwheel, printed as a flat pack then glued together. It is about 64mm dia and about 25mm wide centre hole is 5mm dia You need 2 sides ( both sides are the same) 24 paddles I shall prefix all the designs with SCALEPRINT so you can find them easily Print Settings Rafts: Doesn't MatterSupports: Doesn't MatterResolution: 0.1mm to 0.2mmInfill: 100 % Notes: should print ok with a 0.4mm or 0.5 nozzle the resolution is up to you depending what finish is acceptable

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