Dark Souls 3: Valorheart

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The shield and sword weapon, obtained in the new DLC for Dark Souls 3 has been my favorite weapon for a while now and I couldn't wait to bring it to life. The sword was made in Solidworks. The shield was made using Solidworks, Meshmixer, and Autodesk Netfabb.  

Bill of Materials:

  • 25" long 1/4" metal rod
  • Dark brown cloth
  • Glue (super glue, hot glue, etc.)
  • Post processing materials


*Note that all spiral details can print without support

  • Sword:
    • Print all pieces (preferably in PLA)
    • Slide first piece onto the metal rod and glue in place
    • Repeat with the rest of the pieces making sure the spiral design lines up
    • Post process and paint 
    • Wrap the handle in the brown cloth
  • Shield:
    • Print all pieces and 15 connectors (preferably in PLA) 
    • Using the connectors to line up the pieces assemble the pieces in rows and glue into place
    • Connect the rows with more connectors and glue them together 
    • Post process and paint
    • Loosely wrap a piece of cloth around the two loops on the back of the shield
    • Wrap the handle in the brown cloth  

Design Files

File Size

Shield Part 4.stl
1.53 MB
Shield Part 11.stl
14 MB
Shield Part 5.stl
1.28 MB
Shield Part 12.stl
14.6 MB
Shield Part 6.stl
6.6 MB
Shield Part 7.stl
2.73 MB
Shield Part 8.stl
5.3 MB
Shield Part 9.stl
2.55 MB
Shield Part 10.stl
3.72 MB
Shield Connector.STL
684 Bytes
Shield Part 1.stl
1.18 MB
Shield Part 2.stl
897 KB
Shield Part 3.stl
9.15 MB
Handle End.STL
2.31 MB
69 KB
Blade Part 3.STL
691 KB
Blade Part 1.STL
2.98 MB
Blade Part 2.STL
699 KB
Blade Part 4.STL
271 KB
Blade Part 5.STL
17.8 KB


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