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Summary This is another of many models that I will be releasing here on Thingiverse that I have designed for 00 scale ( 4mm to the foot, 1:76.2) model railways. Can be also used for HO scale, the majority is British themed but could be used elsewhere. This one is of Victorian style barge-boards, this particular one is designed to fit a roof angle of 45 degrees. There are 3 different lengths 38mm 68mm 82mm I shall prefix all the designs with SCALEPRINT so you can find them easily The other printable parts on this Tudor Tavern will be placed hear also. Chimneys, the sign and the wall and window panels, the pots for the plants, and the balcony railings. 95% of this model is 3d printed, the roof panels and the stone chimneys are cast in plaster Print Settings Rafts: Doesn't MatterSupports: Doesn't MatterResolution: 0.1mm to 0.2mm Notes: CAVEAT There is a bit of a caveat with this particular model and that is I used a 0.2mm nozzle with a print width of 0.2mm the small bump may not print with a larger nozzle. You can try printing with a smaller extrusion width than the nozzle size but may not be successful so print at your own peril

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