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SummaryThis is a replacement part for a South bend lathe model 9C that I just received, this part was worn out so made a replacement out of ABS PLA may be stronger. I made it as a single piece model printed in the orientation as in the stl file. works like a new one, nice and firm no backlash at all. I will have other pieces for this same lathe, change gears, cross slide nut, top slide handle, Plus whatever I need to replace because it is missing or worn out. My lathe was made between 1937 and 1940. Thread is 7/16 10 TPI ACMEPrint SettingsPrinter: ORDBOT HADRON MODIFIED FLASHFORGESupports: YesResolution: 0.1mmInfill: 100 %Notes: PUT SUPPORTS IN THE THREAD AND UNDER THE BOSSPost-PrintingFINISHING AND FITTINGI drilled then tapped the grub screw hole later, and the hole for the locking pin. To clean the thread out of the nut cut a couple of grooves in the end of the screw to use as a tap. Once you get the screw started work it in and out about a half a turn each time until right through. then put a drop of oil on the thread and drive the screw back and forth over the length using a battery drill. The screw will become warm and help form the threads to the screw. You will find there are areas that are tight and loose because of un-even wear, you need to judge for yourself how hard you want it to be to turn, and how much backlash you will put up with.I am very happy with mine, good as new. You may find you will need to shim behind the dial as ther will be slack here also.

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