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Summary Made primarily for Beman Easton Carbon Composite Arrow Shafts; slim Procomp 1416 (7/32") x 32.5" in length 0.21" (7/32", 5.5mm) Outer Diameter, 0.15" (5/32", 3.85mm) Inner Diameter Instructions I got tired of trying to find nocks and points and only finding arrow outserts for these older (micro) carbon shafts so I created these modified ABS inserts. Single Arrow Tip, bunch them up to print multiples. You can extend the insert shaft but I found 18mm was pretty snug and didn't need any glue. Tip is 12mm in length, any longer or pointer and they break. You can use Beman 5.5 outserts for nocks, which is my next project. Made using Autodesk Inventor Fusion

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