Stone Archway Dungeon Door

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Summary We needed some extra doors to extend our Warhammer Quest game; Print each column and archway separately; glue the pillars down to the appropriate base and then glue the archway on top. I print this using Sainsmart Silver ABS on an Afinia Printer at .15mm and use a dab of acetone to fuse them together. I've included a larger archway set that will fit the OpenForge 1x3 block - it's slightly larger and extends across the length better (file: simple_archway_openForge.stl) OpenForge Ruined Floor 1x3: These print upright with some support; you can print the arches upside down if you need to save on ABS/support material. The large stone table/alter built from the arches is setup to print this way. I used Meshmixer to add the demon/goat head onto the top archway for a few of these; I did not include those files with this set since one of the licenses did not allow for remix/derivatives. Storied Skulls Crown and Tiara Hell Skull

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