Grumpy French Chef

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Quality Chefatron 2000, a little bit more whimsical take on the MegaTron.

Why a chef robot ? Why not. Who doesn't like good food. 

For print I recommend 0.1 mm with 20% infill. Most models need no or little support. Good adhesion to the print bad is a must because of the nature of the designs to print with no supports. I recommend blue tape with Isopropyl alcohol rub for extra grip. 

Good cooling system highly recommended because some parts of the print are 60 degrees incline. 

For the parts that need support I found that setting to 60 degrees overhand works well.

For the ball joints to fit properly make sure the extrusion is calibrated , under extrusion or over extrusion will make the ball joints not fit , worse case scenario you can glue them in the pose that you like. 

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