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The design goal was to create a robot kit that will allow for rapid rebuild of the society. Instead of feet the robot moves around on a set of tracks. The tracks are designed to make travel over all terrain easily and quickly. The head module is designed after industrial equipment caps. The arms are a mix between a crane and an excavator boom arm which allow for a multitude for different functions to be accomplished in one form factor.

All parts are designed to be printed on a FDM house hold printer without the need for any support material for any of the parts. The tracks require 26 links, 4 rollers, 2 sets of roller holders for each side. All parts are fixed together with raw 1.75mm filament and a small amount of CA glue. Minimal post process work is required outside of minor sanding and some holes might need to be drilled out for the parts to fit together properly.

Unfortunitaly I was unable to get the arms printed in time for the deadline but I have added the files along with a rendering of what they look like.

Design Files

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Follower Wheel.stl
208 KB
Inner Right Side.stl
417 KB
Outer Right Side.stl
353 KB
Roller Holder Right.stl
189 KB
337 KB
Inner Left Side.stl
415 KB
Middle Brace.stl
118 KB
Outer Left Side.stl
356 KB
Roller Holder Left.stl
191 KB
116 KB
Left Arm.stl
289 KB
Drive Wheel.stl
182 KB
52.8 KB
Track Link.stl
156 KB
Right Arm.stl
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