Arc - The Forgotten One


Story - Arc is a scout unit of the MakerTron species , sent many years ago to gather information on unknown planets. Arc’s last mission was to recon planet Earth for any intelligent life. Nearing the end of the mission, Arc was preparing for a journey back to his home planet of Kwota. Unfortunately, Arc did not calculate for a large meteor to come into collision with Earth. This did not end well for the reptilian species on Earth and Arc. Damaged in the massive meteor collision, Arc had to be placed in a low powered state until another MakerTron would come into proximity of earth. Many years have passed, until finally Remix made contact with people on Earth. Sensing that another MakerTron was around Earth’s proximity, Arc finally awoke from his hibernation to come into contact with Remix in hopes of repair. Unfortunately, Remix informed him of what has happened to Kwota. Now Arc’s mission is to help rebuild the MakerTron species and provide what information is left on Arc’s databanks.


Top - The top is made up of jets and is the main form of transportation for scout MakerTrons. There are 4 engines that make up the top, and a main power generator in the middle. The jets allow for quick mobility and the ability to fly thus making it perfect for a MakerTron to recon and gather information.

Guns - Arc has been equipped with two guns, one for each side, in the case of unexpected conflict. The guns fire plasma bullets at a fast rate. The guns are not meant for large battles or targets as a scout mainly runs away for its defensive maneuver.

Bottom - Arc is designed to scout and collect information. The large, rotatable eye is meant to scan the area quickly. This helps Arc see and gather valuable information about his surrounds, such as material composition and their properties. The eye also houses a large databank to hold all the information.

Printing Instructions:

  • Supports are needed. 
  • The design uses the cylinders from the original Remix MakerTron design. This is only needed for the arms and legs cylinders.
  • The Jet Arm will need to be printed 4 times. The Jet Arm will be able to fit into the Main Jet. Optionally you can glue the arms into the Jet.
  • Design does not require any glue!
  • Print Settings:
    • 0.15 mm height
    • 30% infill

Design Files

File Size

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