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Do you use your phone or tablet while you drive? Not for anything that takes your eyes off the road for any length of time, of course. Safe things like maybe you listen to music or podcasts or books. But responsibe as you try to be at some point your eyes leave the road, just for a second, so you can pause or change something and your phone is sitting in the passenger chair or cup holder.

Worry no more. You can make your phone or tablet safe to use without sacrificing any of the advantages of having a smart phone by mounting your phone to your dash with this univeral mount. Clips to most air vents to hold your phone securely. Adjustable for most phone or table sizes and will even hold your tablet or phone in their case.

Print in ABS to avoid warping in the sun. Use a 1/4" or 5mm nut and bolt and size your clip to hold your phone or tablet snuggly. Simply slip your device in the bottom under the clips and push it back. Then remove by pulling at the bottom.

Include a generic air vent clip to remix for your own projects.

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