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INTRODUCTIONIn a universe now in the throes of decay and wars, one miracle of technology and the evolution can fix things .. his name is STARBLASTER.Defense and space explorer as well as commander of the platoon for the colonization of new worlds. Starblaster, proud and fearless, is the only one capable of being able to restore order in its galaxy to help Makertron to rebuild their society, and to help rebuild Maker society from the depths of space to the unknown. its motto is "TO PROTECT AND DEFEND MAKERTRON NOT END!"The project for this contest, includes Following parts: head, legs, arms and a sword as accessory .Every piece comes with moving parts separately printable with a printer FDM. The name STARBLASTER was chosen thinking of the myriad of celestial bodies that one day, even with the aid of real robots, you can explore.Starblaster, infact is a robot scout suitable to command the troops during battle and exploratory missions. it is equipped with reactors placed on the legs and arms that can bring in the most obscure space, lights to scan the surfaces of planets, communications and recording limbs fast and resistant able to defend him in the worst of timesIts shell is light and functional with joints in thirteen points. I designed the parts, fit perfectly, through the help of the pin, to torso or C.O.R.E. of the original MakerTron the that is a key component, versatile and unique design. I imagine Starblaster consists of a reinforcement of lightweight titanium and carbon, all metal parts made of a composite of gold and platinum and plastic parts (tubes and fingers) made with plastic ultramodern, as you can see from the rendering.The overall StarBlast's height is 231mm ,the minimum thickness of the components is 0.6 mm and all movements can be preset by the project before printing,then print it in the position you want! and enjoy the conquest of new worlds!

THE HEAD is the control center of starblaster where his positronic brain allows them to decide all the strategies to use in battle and in the exploration of space. Two optical groups, similar to the eyes of a wasp, allow him a vision with an angle of 270 °, of course, the head can rotate on itself by 360 °.The two tubes, placed at the sides, not only act as protection, but carrying coolant to the front of the head to allow full operation of all systems.The flat antenna placed over the head component enables communication with all his colleagues during shipments or submitted during the battles for the colonization of planets and territories. Below are two openings protruding allow him to communicate with other forms of life and not only!. At the sides, the head is equipped with systems that scan the surfaces together in all types of sensors that allow also the operation in case the headlights become damaged.

THE ARMS are key parts for the unit Starblaster as allow him to perform most actions. Commanded by the control center, that is the head, can rotate 360 ° parallel and perpendicular to the body.They are equipped with thrusters to facilitate landings and space travel. The hand component is completely jointed and reconfigurable act to hold objects of any type. In fact hands, equipped with four fingers very large, not only are easy parts but they are also strong and resistant components.

THE LEGS are the other key component of this extraordinary miracle of evolution.Light and fast these arts, can jump 30 meters, then landing without damage, keep the center of gravity of Starblaster very low allowing an equilibrium and a speed of action never before seen.Surely "the unit Starblaster" not bend easily gets! . Anche these arts rotate 360 ° parallel to the body, they may bend up to 315 ° and naturally lend themselves to be redesigned with ease in the case Starblaster has to make an uppgrade. Moreover rockets more powerful than those mounted on the arms are placed on the back of the component not only to increase the speed but also to launch attacks mêlée most impressive!

These parts can be used by any type of MakerTron because they are versatile and functional. The most appropriate indication remains that of a unit from exploration as these lightweight parts and sophisticated.Starblaster is thought to command posts of the elite, it is elegant and proud, with his sword, the Casterblaster, as a leader, commands the troops to victory..." for a universe that must be MakerTrons! "

SETTING PRINT: FDM materials such as ABS - M301 or PC-ISO or better yet PLA for a better finish.The settings for a great success of the prototype with FDM print are:feedrate xyz 22 mm / s for each piece in the positions that most own pace to the machine operator.The temperature will vary depending on the material you will use,the number of pieces to be printed varies according to the work plan and the quality you want, I personally recommend a maximum of three pieces at a time ( All stl files are checked with netfabb to search for errors) Thank you for reading this presentation.

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STL parts/right arm up part assembly.stl
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STL parts/middle pin left and right arm assembly.stl
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STL parts/left leg down part assembly.stl
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STL parts/left hand assembly.stl
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STL part the Casterblaster.stl
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STL arm.stl
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STL left arm.stl
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STL leg.stl
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STL parts/right leg down part assembly.stl
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STL legs.stl
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STL head.stl
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rendering .zip/rendering assembly/untitled.790.jpg
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rendering .zip/rendering assembly/untitled.789.jpg
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rendering .zip/rendering assembly/untitled.787.jpg
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rendering .zip/rendering static/untitled.774.jpg
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rendering .zip/rendering static/untitled.772.jpg
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rendering .zip/rendering static/untitled.771.jpg
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rendering .zip/rendering static/untitled.770.jpg
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rendering .zip/rendering static/untitled.768.jpg
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rendering .zip/rendering static/untitled.767.jpg
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rendering .zip/rendering static/untitled.765.jpg
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rendering .zip/rendering static/untitled.764.jpg
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rendering .zip/rendering static/leg2.jpg
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rendering .zip/rendering static/leg.jpg
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rendering .zip/rendering static/head.jpg
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rendering .zip/rendering static/hand.jpg
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rendering .zip/rendering static/arm.jpg
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rendering .zip/rendering static/arm 2.jpg
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STL parts/left arm down part assebly.stl
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STL parts/left leg up part assembly.stl
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STL parts/left arm up part assembly.stl
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STL parts/right foot part assembly.stl
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STL right arm.stl
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STL parts/left foot part assemply.stl
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STL arm.stl
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STL parts/right leg up part assembly.stl
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STL parts/right hand assembly.stl
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STL - torso MT.stl
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STL leg.stl
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