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MakerTron-prinPLA-Kit1(Kit1) is the first printable plastic model that prinPLA provided.

It is motivated by a space suit and the Apollo 13.

I made Kit2! Here!


Kit1 was created to support the work of astronauts outside the spacecraft.

It was developed with MakerTron LTD. and prinPLA Corp..

It is designed to be suitable for general-purpose work in humanoid.

And Kit1 may be an independent action based on Three Laws of Robotics.

It may have built in several devices against accidents, equipped with an auxiliary propulsion system for space swim.

And Kit1 is also a very good babysitter.  :-)


I like the traditional modeling methods that control vertex.

My models are optimized for 3D printing(especially FDM printers).

There are 2 ZIP File.

One is no support included and the other include supports.

Supports are designed for increase printing success.

No support file and support file are also need Slicer support, too.

MY Print Slicer(Cura) Setting:

  • Layer Height : 0.2mm
  • Shell thickness : 1.2mm
  • Bottom/Top thickness : 1.2mm
  • Fill Density : 20%
  • Print Speed : 50mm/s
  • Support type : Everywhere
  • Platform adhesion type : Raft 

Filament Type : ABS(Natural)

The gap is optimized, but the polishing-processing or some bonding may be required, depending on your printings.

And I provide PICtart - Lithophane App(Android).^^  You can make your lithophane easily with PICtart.

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