C Extruder for MK8 gear and J-head

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Summary "C" stand for the shape of the extruder. The extruder is a direct extruder model ready for MK8 gear and has on the plate a structure to hold the J-head with 2 screws. Motor used: NEMA 17. It is a sort of "derivation" of the Greg's Wade Extruder, I modified the idler to fit a direct drive, you can use the same bearings, spring and tension screws. The plate is flexible having oval holes to be fixed on the x-carriage. Instructions The extruder is printed in PLA at 60% infill to gain strenght with support material. All the parts are printed in the position I am realeasing the files here. Raft or brim can be a good idea to print the part that has a massive base to hold the motor and to be more stable. All the metal and electronic parts are the same I mounted on my previous Greg's Wade extruder except for the springs that I prefered a bit stronger. You will need to cut and file a bit the idler holder on the extruder main body. I am giving 2 versions of the main body extruder: one has round holes the other oval. The one with round holes is really precise on the stepper motor and you could have to remove very well some raft material to have a good fit. With the oval holes you can move a bit the screws to find your perfect fit even if the part cames out not so precise. The idler is a curved version of the Greg's Wade with rectification angle to have the screws pressure on a vertical plane and it uses 608ZZ bearing.

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