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Summary This mount allows you to put 80/20 1010 extrusion into the mount. I am using it to make a spool holder. Plus, having T slot on the printer gives me options for mounting more stuff. I tweaked the Thing 770657 to make it fit the 1010 extrusion. Check his out if you like pipe for the mount. I am using this with my 8020 braces and filament holder found here: Braces Filament holder Instructions For mounting a 1kg filament spool from Hatchbox, I cut two 7" extrusions from 8020 [the 1010 size] I then cut a 5 1/8" center top piece to go between the two vertical pieces. I printed out some custom braces [coming soon] and a customized spool holder that mounts directly to the horizontal extrusion. I will add the files once I verify everything is good.

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