X-Carve reverse drag link bracket

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Summary I remade the bracket that the 1000mm X-Carve uses on the left side bottom and I am using it on my 500mm X-Carve. I also reversed it so that I can feed my cables out the back of the system. I didn't like the way the 500mm X-Carve drag link chains were so I printed some of my own that were from the 1000mm version. The model is the standard bracket. I just flipped the model in Cura so that I could get a reverse of it so that it was correctly oriented when I put it on the back rail. You may have notice my front and back rails under the waste board are a bit longer and sticking out. I put longer rails in so the I could mount the X-Carve easier to my cabinet I made. Instructions I printed full infill because it is a support part. Print large flat side down. You can press in 2 M4 nuts to the top shelf. It is tight, but it holds the nut nicely. If you want to run this on the back, you just need to mirror flip it on your slicing software. Otherwise, it works great on the front of your X-Carve.

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