DeWalt 611 Air Diffuser ver 4

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SummaryDrag Knife Mount Other versions: Version 1 - No fins - Version 2 - Fins - Version 2a - Small - (same diameter as DeWalt) Version 3 - Pen Holder - Version 4 - Drag Knife Mount - (this model) This is an air diverter for the DeWalt 611 that I use on the X-Carve. It will mount the drag knife holder from @dewitt Thingiverse model #1252975. This model is only the piece that connects to the DeWalt 611, you will need to download @dewitt model to mount to my diverter.Print SettingsPrinter: M3DRafts: Doesn't MatterSupports: NoResolution: .25Infill: 20% or 100%Notes: You want to make sure that you have enough layers on top of the screw holes so that it holds solid to the DeWalt. So make the top layer thick enough to be solid.How I Designed ThisThis is the 3rd version of "holders/mounts" that I have added to the air diverter. It holds really solid because the diverter fits up and around the base of the 611 which gives is lateral stability. You will need 2 x 3mm nuts that fit in the backside of the mount for the 3mm bolts to hold holder to the diverter. Other than that, all the other hardware is spec'd out on @dewitt's model.

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