Filament stack with free spinning spools

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Summary This deign combines filament storage with dispensing. Shown here is a (4) color tower, but I think 6 to 8 color towers would work as well. This should be easy to grab from the top and move to your work area. Marbles are used as ball bearings. They are quite effective, the spools spin very freely. I used PVC tubing in this make. And the top and bottom pieces are ply as my printer is very small. The top and bottom stl's are included. Future versions or add on's might include vertical pieces that come in sections, 1 for each spool. And perhaps an improved means to feed the filament to the top of the tower before it connects to the printer. Also, I am considering a bearing that has a slight return to it so that the marbles pop into place and don't fall back out. I try to make everything I publish, but a few of these parts are untested - too big for me. Please let me know if you have prob's with them! The marble bearing cups are printed with solid infill. The bearing caps should have the toothed side facing upwards to bite into the bottom of the spool. These work with most spools, but not all. I used a flat disk on one spool with hot glue to hold it in place. 10 second video

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