RockStar Electric Violin

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Summary In this version, I refreshed the design to make it more modern and attractive. If you print on ABS filament, you can use acetone or PVC pipe glue to bind the parties. If you print on PLA, then use a epoxi glue. You can use a sanding papper and patching paste for automotive jobs to leave a smooth surface to paint on color of your choice. Dont forguet to use a primer paint before the application color. you can find on ebay the electronics. Find as electric violin pickup. The only part that requires printing support, is the chainrest. For all others, I have not had any problems in print without supports. Use a 9.5mm threaded rod as steel core to stronger the violin. Recomended printing parameters: 5 Shell thickness. 4 top down solid thickness. 20 to 30 % infill 0.20mm. layer heights.

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