Coypu (Nutria) River Rat Original Skull Scan

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Summary Don't spend hundreds of thousands of dollars buying a Coypu cast at places like SkullsUnlimited or BoneClones, when you can own YOUR VERY OWN 3D print of this precious skull! I personally slaved over a decomposed head for days cooking the meat off and buffing it to a spotless shine (I really did), JUST so you can own this beloved, environmentally friendly, warm and fuzzy rodent. This is a scan of a real Coypu (also called a Nutria, or River Rat) skull from my personal collection, and now you can own it for the LOW, LOW PRICE of ZERO DOLLARS! (just pay additional s/h). (kidding, you download it). (but seriously, you can send me money if you want). Print it, use it for teaching, enlarge it and make a hat, stick a doodad in its teeth, or simply educate yourself about this giant rat. Comment me for proper attribution if used in any other manner than personal. Please post a photo to share if you print this, and check out my other scans of skulls and bones at Be sure to "Like" my Facebook page at to subscribe to my current prints/blogs, and see my Etsy page at for baby fetal scans, skulls, and other items to own. Print Settings Rafts: Yes Supports: Yes How I Designed This DIY Coypu Skull...

convince a coypu to give up it's head. boil it for 1 hour (brain included), to remove excess grease. Place it in a tank of hungry corpse beetles for the weekend. clean off any remaining sticky pieces. Hydrogen peroxide, coating of paraloid-B, scan and share!

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