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A.R.M. (Advanced Reassembly Machine) is the second C.O.R.E. designed and manufactured by Triobase Inc. Fitted with a better CPU than it's predecesor, the Cortex 2-A, A.R.M. is fitted with 3D scanners, infra-red cameras, and the new Tron-Assembly software, capable of displaying the best configuration to assemble new C.O.R.E.s. Engineers at Triobase created an anti-gravity hoverball, which allows A.R.M. to elevate up to 25 feet in the air. Although fitted with similar arms than it's predecesor, Triobase has included new pressure-sensing plates on the tip of the fingers, allowing A.R.M. to better scan the pieces used in the assembly line. It also incorporates the new A.S.A (Advanced Assembly Algorithm) version 2.1, which includes a lot of improvements, as well as compatibility with the new Tron-Assembly display. (C.O.R.E. Torso not included!)

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