H.E.E.R.O. (MakerTron Contest)

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H.E.E.R.O. (Humanoid Emergency Engineering Robot) was designed by the humans to assist in the restoration of the Maker Tron. Manufactured by Triobase Inc., H.E.E.R.O. incorporates the latest human technology into the C.O.R.E. Mainframes. Capable of an immense processing power thanks to his revolutionary head design, H.E.E.R.O. has one of the latest 3D sensors developed by Triobase, which help him scan and visualize his  surroundings. Two separate CPUs control each of the sensors located on the front of the head, which allow H.E.E.R.O. to focus and process multiple things at the same time. Engineers at Triobase developed an advanced assembly algorithm, which allows H.E.E.R.O. to assemble multiple C.O.R.E.s in the best possible way. The humanoid shape allows H.E.E.R.O. to move around the assembly lab in an agile way, speeding up the assembly times. Triobase did not forget about the defensive aspect of the robot either. Equiped with a Bō, a piece of martial arts weaponry developed by the Japaneese, H.E.E.R.O. is able to defend himself in a non-lethal but effective way. Thanks to his stretched arms, H.E.E.R.O. is capable of using this weapon with peak efficency. (C.O.R.E. Torso not included!)

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Robot_2_L_Leg Final.stl
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Robot_2_L_Arm Final.stl
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Robot_2_R_Leg Final.stl
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Robot_2_R_Arm Final.stl
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Robot_2_Head Final.stl
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