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In order to help the MakerTron rebuild their population, I thought I would give them flight! Not only was this jetpack and wing suit specially designed with the best of Earth's open source technology, Arduino, but it is a great exercise to teach other earthlings how to design basic circuits, program, solder, 3D print, and much more! I know it probably isn't as advanced as the MakerTron's original technology, but I think it will do for now. This specific chip is an Adafruit Flora which is the perfect size to pair up with the MakerTron Core. On the bottom of the jetpack is a micro-USB port for updating software as we develop more gadgets for the robot. I'm still working out all of the flight dynamics for the rocket boosters, so if anyone has experience in rocketry or is a current employee at NASA, go ahead and drop me a line at [email protected]! The next "smart" upgrades on the list for MakerTron are shown below:

GPS Location


Color Sensing

Light Sensing

Bluetooth Connectivity

As for the other parts, I made sure to put a lightweight, 500 mAh, lithium polymer battery in his jetpack to make sure he doesn't have to be plugged in. The RGB LED lights on the wings were specially designed for night time flight or for use in the dark, lonely depths of our universe. They are really, really bright! I'm working on the detailed assembly instructions right now, but in the meantime, like this design and vote for this entry in the MakerTron contest! I would love to use that resin 3D printer to bring more awesome creations to the Pinshape Community. Here are the  Detailed Assembly Instructions in order to build your own. Cheers! Justin Shook

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