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Summary A model of the London red phone booths. This will make a nice little space waster on your desk at home or at work! Or to save up to go and see the world! Please read the instructions for more information about this project. Thanks for checking out this thing! Franciscozapski has kindly printed this to show that it is indeed printable. Make sure you select the correct file to print! A friend of mine has agreed to print this, but I don't know when he'll be able to. When it is done, I'll post the pics of the printed booth! This model stands roughly 15cm tall (~5.9' inches) and I recommend printing it at full scale to preserve the detail. Instructions I decided to do this project because I think the red phone booths of London are a special landmark that everyone will know about. Also, I think they look really cool. I used stock images of the phone booths to gauge the relative sizes of all the components, then took to work recreating them with some software. I also chose a scale to ensure that this object can be printed without any further assembly, although I decided to add a version that can be assembled (with a hinged door). This model was created in AutoCAD, although I am still quite a novice at the software. This is also a great learning experience for me. Phase 1 (18/07/2015): The very first upload. This is simple the box shape with some indented windows for some added detail. I'm currently occupied with other commitments, so I couldn't do a very detailed piece initially. NB: This design is currently a solid block! So don't print it unless you feel like wasting a lot of precious filament. For the next update I plan to add some edge detail, and address the solidness of the object, which will make it more print-friendly. Phase 2 (20/07/2015): I made some time to get a little bit of work done on the model. Changes conveniently summarised for your reading pleasure: • Added "Telephone" text • Added more detail to the roof • Added a base • Made it hollow Yes, that's right! The booth is now hollow on the inside and should therefore be more economical to print. Stay posted for phase 3, where I plan to add extra detail and properly lay out the roof! Phase 3 (24/07/2015): A hectic week! I redesigned the entire roof of the booth, which was quite tricky. I still haven't gotten to the result I want, but this will have to suffice for now. Otherwise, not much has changed. A quick update on what has: • Redesigned roof • Added some detail to the back of the booth The detail at the back will probably change as well, due to it not lining up with the windows... It's just a preliminary design for the next release. Stay tuned for the next update where I plan to add detail to all sides of the booth. Phase 4 (28/07/2015): I haven't been getting a lot of time to work on the model but I did manage to do the following: • Redesigned roof (again) [There was a little piece bothering me] • Redid detail at the back of the booth • Added detail to all sides (including a handle) • Completely hollow Now, I don't know what the support implications will be of making this thing hollow, but according to this site it should be printable on a MakerBot Replicator. I still do plan to make some changes to this model. Perhaps a version that prints in pieces and requires assembly to save material (from supports). I have a few surprises planned for this design, though. So keep watching! Phase 5 (01/08/2015): With the weekend comes the following small adjustment: • Added a phone What is a phone booth without a phone? I think the next update will be the final one, which will consist of a dismantled version that requires assembly, as well as a surprise... Phase 6 (09/08/2015): This is the final design! I have been so extremely busy with other work that I almost forgot about the deadline. With this final version comes the following changes: • Now made to assemble • The door has (supposedly) working hinges! • A coin bank version is available Thanks for checking out this thing. If you want to download the assembly version, download the 2 files that have "assembly" in the title. If you want to coin bank, download the file with that says "coinholder" in the title. I'll update this page one last time in the future with a printed version of the booth.

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