S.U.E. MakerTron Robot


S.U.E. (Structural Unification Engineer) is designed to directly assist in the rebuilding of the Maker Tron species. The first in the line of new Maker Tron's, she has been equipped with the latest earth technology that we have to offer in terms of manufacturing and replication. The array of optical sensors that she has placed on her head allow for full 3d imaging and analysis of the remaining C.O.R.E.'s. This allows her to visualize the best possible combination of hardware for each unique C.O.R.E.. The elongated head makes room for multi threaded processors in addition to the ones found in the main compartment of her own C.O.R.E.. She is highly intelligent and creative. Because of this enhanced processing power, she is equipped with additional arms and ports for swapping out or adding extra hardware for creation. Not just brains, but with the brawn to complete most any task, her arms are reinforced and resemble the robotic arms found in automated assembly lines. Also equipped is a shoulder mounted 3d scanner and projector, for real time modeling and collaboration. The canisters on her arms contain 3d printing materials for rapid prototyping and production. Her long surgical fingers are ideal for precision assembly and fine tuning her creations. The hover base's design was inspired by a technician's lab coat, the front flaps keep her thrusters shielded from debris that might be flying around while she hastily assembles parts onto the C.O.R.E.s. The hover base allows for increased maneuverability around the assembly lab.

It was important to me to match the design language established with Remix, while adding additional detail where desired. The outer shell has a layered flow to it along with the tubes and other elements that are similar to the ones used on Remix. I also wanted to maintain the theme of being able to swap out other parts, adding ports on the shoulders and base, giving whoever prints this model the option to add additional elements to my design.

Pieces are broken out and oriented for an FDM printer.

Print with supports.Glue pieces for permanent assembly

Torso not included. Download free here: https://pinshape.com/items/9084-3d-printed-makertr...

Thanks for checking out my design! Let me know if you have any questions or feedback in the comments section below :)

Now also has feet to go with it!  https://pinshape.com/items/12018-3d-printed-feet-f...

Design Files

File Size

forearm R.STL
1.2 MB
forearm L.STL
1.2 MB
elbow joint L.STL
444 KB
shoulde pin R.STL
11.8 KB
shoulder right.STL
2.74 MB
base R.STL
5.45 MB
hand L.STL
1.4 MB
5.89 MB
shoulder left.STL
2.74 MB
shoulder scanner.STL
2.31 MB
small arm L.STL
259 KB
wrist R.STL
590 KB
small arm R.STL
259 KB
elbow R.STL
859 KB
elbow L.STL
859 KB
shoulde pin L.STL
11.8 KB
hand R.STL
1.4 MB
elbow joint R.STL
444 KB
center component.STL
2.08 MB
base L.STL
5.45 MB
167 KB


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