3D printed lamp "Woman carrying light"

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Pierre Le Faguays (1892-1935) was an avant-garde French sculptor whose work greatly influenced the Art Deco style of the 1920s and early 1930s. He became famous for the originality he gave to his dancers, many of whom were inspired by the Tanagra statues. One of his works, Woman carrying light, inspired this 3D printable table lamp.

This sculptural light was specially designed for printing on a simple FDM printer, and can be easily made at home (the whole manufacturing process is shown in the video at the bottom of this page). The luminaire is equipped with a 3 … 3.5 W, 12 V LED lamp with a G4 base.

Lamp dimensions: Height 253 mm Width 108 mm * Depth 113 mm

The post-processing, painting and assembly process of this lamp I showed in the video: 

Project page: 

Lamp dimensions:

  • Height 253 mm
  • Width 108 mm
  • Depth 113 mm

This sculptural light has been designed for hassle-free 3D printing on a simple FDM printer. The luminaire is equipped with 12 V LED lamps with G4 base.

The lamp was finished with acrylic paints and a silver leaf coating, a colorless glossy acrylic varnish.

Art Deco Lamp 8 parts were printed on a Lad-1.0 FDM printer with a 0.4 mm nozzle, layer height 0.1 mm for figurine parts and 0.2 mm for other parts.

Lamp Shades were printed from clear plastic in a single perimeter and no fill mode.

Plastic consumption (including supports) 316 grams:

  • ADL8-FigurineB 79 grams,
  • ADL8-FigurineT 74 grams,
  • ADL8-Sheets 7 grams,

  • ADL8-Lamp 18 grams,

  • ADL8-Pedestal-1-2 45 grams,

  • ADL8-Pedestal-3 72 grams,

  • ADL8-Pedestal-4 13 grams,

  • ADL8-LampShade 8 grams.

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