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Black Swan, she is Odile - the heroine of the ballet of P. I. Tchaikovsky “Swan Lake”. To prevent the removal of witchcraft from Odette, the daughter of the evil wizard Rothbard in the guise of a black swan seduces Prince Siegfried, pretending to be Odette, and receives a declaration of love from him.

  • Figurine height: 143 mm.
  • Figurine height with stand 150 mm.

To increase strength, a pin made of steel wire with a diameter of 1 mm is inserted into the channels made in the figurine and the stand.


  • Nozzle: 0.3 mm
  • Layer: 100 microns
  • Material: ABS uncolored from #DASplast 
  • Post-processing: grinding, chemical polishing with ethyl acetate
  • Coloring: acrylic enamel

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