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Made some small changes for simplo3Dification and easier print process.

The model is at 1/16 scale and has been designed to be printed with 0.4 nozzle, if you want you can scale it up or down for other scales, but of course for smaller scale you will probably need a 0.3 or 0.2 Nozzle to get nice results.

Please follow me on instagram to see the progress of other models and more pictures of the process design.

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Greetings, happy printing

Design Files

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Tubo Chassis Izq.stl
32.6 KB
Tubo Chassis Der.stl
32.6 KB
Tanque y Asiento.stl
374 KB
Tacometro y Base Susp Delantera.stl
91.6 KB
Rueda Trasera 2.stl
147 KB
8.68 KB
Freno Der.stl
20 KB
Freno Delantero.stl
70.3 KB
Faro 1.stl
157 KB
20 KB
Base Trasera.stl
60 KB
Amortiguador Trasero Izq.stl
270 KB
Amortiguador Del Izq.stl
32.9 KB
Faro 2.stl
113 KB
82.7 KB
Chassis 1.stl
60.4 KB
Amortiguador Trasero Der.stl
270 KB
2.99 MB
Amortiguador Del Der.stl
32.9 KB
GuardaFangos Delantero.stl
75.7 KB
Motor Der.stl
287 KB
Motor Izq.stl
244 KB
Rueda Delantera 1.stl
149 KB
Rueda Delantera 2.stl
139 KB
Rueda Trasera 1.stl
177 KB


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