Front and Rear Wing for Traxxas Rustler 2WD


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These wings are meant to mount onto a Traxxas Rustler 2WD, although it can be used for the Stampede and Bandit but I've not verified that yet.

These are designed to give your vehicle lots of downforce at high speeds for extra stability and ease of control. There are 5 parts in total: The front and rear wings, the mount for the front wing, and the two mounts for the rear wing. Print out one of each.

Do not use supports, and print with stock settings with any material. (PLA or Nylon recommended)


Front Wing: Bolt the mount onto where the stock front bumper goes with the stock screws. Make sure it is lined up evenly and not tilted to one side or another. Then, slide the wing onto the U-shaped brackets on the mount. It's a snug fit, but if your printer has good tolerances you should be fine. If it becomes loose, just duct tape the wing onto the mount. For extra stability, there is room to bolt 2 more screws onto the front bulkhead.

Rear Wing: Mount the left and right wing mounts onto where the wheelie bar goes. (don't worry, there are extra holes on the mounts to mount the stock wheelie bar with extra M3 screws) Make sure the tabs on the mounts are facing towards the front of the car. Then, slide the holes in the back of the rear wing into the tabs on the mounts. It is designed to be a snug fit, and may require sanding if your printer has bad tolerances or issues with steep overhangs and bad cooling.

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