Geonosian Sonic Cannon Turret (Star Wars Legion)

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A Sonic Cannon Turret used by the Geonosian insectile species in defence of their homeworld.

Scaled for Star Wars: Legion.

Print List:

1x Base (Approx print time: 5 hours) 1x Rear + Stand (Approx print time: 5 hours) 1x Handle + Cannon (Approx print time: 2.5 hours) 1x Core (Approx print time: 4.5 hours)

I recommend printing the Handle + Cannon on a slow speed for detailing and to prevent deformation.

The Stand has a support to prevent deformation which can be easily removed after printing.

Created for fun/non-profit etc.

Design Files

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Rear Stand.stl
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Handles Cannon.stl
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Geonosian Sonic Cannon Turret.stl
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