Imperial Guard Heavy Bolter Turret

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A Heavy Bolter Turret used by the Imperial Guard (Dawn Of War) to defend the Imperium of Man.

Includes Missile Turret and Lascannon Turret!

Print List:


1x IGHBT Base, 1x IGHBT Base 2, 1x IGHBT Turret, 1x IGHBT Weapons.


1x IGHBT Base, 1x IGHBT Base 2, 1x IGHBT Turret, 1x IGHBT Missile Turret Weapons.


1x IGHBT Base, 1X IGHBT Base 2, 1X IGHBT Lascannon Turret, 1X IGHBT Lascannon Weapons.

I'd recommend printing the "Weapons" files on a slow speed for accuracy. The rest should be fine for normal speed printing.

14/04/2020: Added support to base of Turret ammo crates to prevent warping.

All rights reserved by Games Workshop.

Credit to vicrabb (neoseeker) for inspiration due to their concept art.

EDIT: I've made some changes to a couple of the files due to errors/updates, so please download again if you haven't done so as of 05/07/2020.

Design Files

File Size

IGHBT Base.stl
388 KB
IGHBT Turret.stl
74.4 KB
IGHBT Base 2.stl
170 KB
IGHBT Lascannon Weapons.stl
339 KB
IGHBT Lascannon Turret.stl
86.6 KB
IGHBT Missile Turret Weapons.stl
325 KB
Imperial Guard Heavy Bolter Turret.stl
808 KB
Imperial Guard Missile Turret.stl
960 KB
IGHBT Weapons.stl
146 KB
Imperial Guard Lascannon Turret.stl
983 KB


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