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special designed vacuum table for using “Triple D³ paper” printed whit the flexible hybrid slicing technology if you want to connect it to your vacuum-cleaner then you can change the file vacuumbed_koppel_stofzuiger.stl so it wil fit the diameter of your vacuum-cleaner. so if you want to print it your self look in your slicer-program where to put the @pause command then when the printer is pausing just ad the inlay and print on. (the inlay i used is mdf 10,5 mm thick but your free to use other materials) Top is mdf whit holes in it. inlay and top are based on a4 format 210mm x 297 mm Why printed whit the flexible hybrid slicing? if its a full solid print the print time is over 50 hours now i printed it all in 9 hours

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