Walkabot - Gravity Powered Ramp Walking Robot - Parts Plated

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This version is the same as the first Walkabot but the parts have been plated into a single STL file to lower the printing cost if you are going to use the print service. With this version, the legs have been hollowed out to lower the amount of plastic. If you are going to print a Walkabot at home then you will probably find it easier to print with the individual files found here: https://pinshape.com/items/781-3d-printed-walkabot...


Walkabot is a gravity powered ramp walking robot. Place him on a shallow ramp, tilt him to one side, let go and he will walk down the slope. The robot makes a "walka-walka" sound as he walks.

See the video of him walking here: http://youtu.be/vgM6PPkw6cQ Assemble the robot by positioning the legs inside the body and pushing the axle through the body and legs as shown in the assembly diagram. The legs should swing freely inside the body. Attach the arms to the outside of the body on the axle. The arms can be moved up and down to adjust the balance slightly. 

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