Muladhar-art collection. Mandala eight petals

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This is the first one of the collection of mandalas to assemble and paint. I inspired in the concept of the paintable mandala´s books. The assembly of the parts are tested on impressions. You can print the parts of the mandala in white ABS, and painting whit marker´s (it´s washable) or acrylics. Support free. Enjoy it!

Design Files

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M5 mandala P3 1.1.STL
549 KB
M5 mandala P1 1.1.STL
380 KB
base soporte 1.1.STL
1.26 MB
M5 mastil 1.1.STL
169 KB
M5 atril 1.1.STL
1.42 MB
M5 base atril 1.1.STL
6.15 MB
M5 base 1.1.STL
4.76 MB
M5 mandala 1.1.STL
12 MB
M5 mandala P2 1.1.STL
507 KB
M5 mandala P4 1.1.STL
747 KB


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