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I Sourabh Thakare, am a huge Harry Potter fan and wanted to portray my interests through my design submission.

The model 'Reducio-Quidditch' is an indoor adaptation of majorly popular outdoor quidditch tournaments. The rules are mentioned at the end.

The model is tested in the PreForm software by FormLabs and a printability check for Form 3 is initiated to make sure the assembly won’t fail during fabrication.

Print Time: 29 Hours.

Resin required: 326.85 ml.


This a two-player game with the motive to passing the ball through the goal (ring) for points.

The ball is placed on the pin which is provided with the main assembly. This pin can be placed in the holes on the arch portion, and the player has to strike the ball using fingers or optionally by using pen or rulers to make the ball rebound and pass through the goal. To increase the complexity, during the advanced rounds, the use of front wall for initial impact can be considered as foul.

Thank You.

Quidditch tournaments:

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